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A Fireplace Remodel Could Add Thousands Of Dollars To The Value Of Your Home

We have all seen those homes with roaring fireplaces and beautiful fireplace mantels, drooling with envy, thinking I want one! Getting yourself a new fireplace or better still a fireplace remodel can really accentuate the room its in and make it a focul point of your home and the talk of the town. When thinking about fireplace remodels,there are some factors that you should consider before spending your haed earned cash.

The main fireplace designs that you might see are generally square and are usually either gas or electric. There are so many accessories and add ons that you can get for your fireplace, that you will find that you dont have to spend thousands to have that luxury looking mantel warming up your home. A popular fireplace remodel would be simply to install an electric fireplace, especially if you have children and pets and maybe you are concerned about ashes and debris from log burning fires. The wring can be very simple that you just plug it in or you can go for one that is a litle more complicated and will need the assistance of an electrician to wrie it in.

A more authentic type of fireplace remodel would be to install a wood burning or gas fireplace. No doubt about it, seeing the roaring flames, listening to the crackling of the burning wood and enjoying the natural eminating warmth is definately an uplifting experience. Making sure you have the necessary guards and protective measures in place for these types of fireplaces is a must, and you must make sure that you get a qualified professional to install your gas fireplace, if you go for one.

Another factor that will effect your fireplace remodel, is where you place it. It maybe that you already have a fireplace installed but its not positioned in the best part of the room, to really bring your home to life. Its not unheard of in the home remodelling world, that a simple addage of a fireplace in the right room in the right place can add to the value of your home when it comes to selling it. So thinking about the position of your fireplace is not a trivial matter. From amongst some of more popular designs for your fireplace remodel are brick fireplaces with faux wood mantels or exquisite looking fireplaces made from marble and even designs that are made from tiles. The choices available can be overwhelming, so be sure that your fireplace fits in with the decor of your room.