Our Services

Breakdown of our home renovation services

We offer wide range of home renovation and home improvement services. Below you will find a breakdown of them, so that you exactly know, at the first glance, what kind of home renovations and improvements we specialize in as home improvement contractors.

Renovation and decoration

– flooring – we install hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpets, cork flooring bamboo flooring and other.

– painting and plastering – interior plastering, preparation, interior painting and decorating, texture painting and decorating, decorative painting, cleaning and preparing surface for new paint, plastering.

– tiling – ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, glass tiles. We always recommend that you go for quality tiles, not the cheapest on the market. More on tiling here.

– wallpaper hanging – if you prefer wallpapers rather that painting your walls, we will professionally replace them with new ones. Our tradesmen can strip the old wallpaper, clear of the surface of walls and hang a new one or just paint the walls. More on wallpaper hanging here.

– window fitting and replacement – we install wooden and plastic windows, roof windows and velux windows. We offer window replacement service as well as provide window treatments and repairs.

– door fitting and replacement – we fit both internal and external doors. Not only we offer replacement of existing doors, but also provide door renovation service.



– loft conversion – beautifully converted and finished lofts with large roof windows are usually very bright and full of sunshine. Spending time in such a place, either working or lounging, undeniably has a very positive influence on your health. We can implement either an existing architectural plan, your idea for conversion or come up with some ideas that that we think you may like.

– garage conversion – we recommend garage conversion as yet another way to make your property more spacious. Moreover, when converted into additional bedroom, the value of your house goes up almost immediately.

– basement conversion – basement conversions are usually underestimated. That should no longer be the case. Beautifully converted basements usually make great utility rooms. They serve one purpose especially well – recreation activities.



– kitchen improvement – well designed and good looking kitchen is the focus of most homes. It is also a place where family and friends meet before the meal. We will handle any request for kitchen remodelling, from only replacing kitchen units to rearranging the entire kitchen including knocking through.

– bathroom improvement – stylish and nicely finished bathroom becomes a must nowadays. Whether you have got a small, narrow bathroom or really large one, we will be happy to refurbish it for you.

– other improvements – additional toilets, en-suite bathrooms, studies, sitting rooms, enlarging kitchens by introducing dining areas, garage and loft conversions as well.


– plumbing installation – Our experienced Kreedman plumbers specialize in all aspects of plumbing. Therefore, they are trained to install entire plumbing systems, either heating or water supply.

– heating installation –We install and repair boilers as well as entire central heating installation. We deal with gas central heating and white meter heating installations, including installing radiators or underfloor heating.

 electrical installation – Starting from design of the electrical cabling, we install brand new systems as well as replace or repair existing ones. We are able to install all types of lighting systems.

Extra services

– selling home monitor – we offer you restyling of your property so that it is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. We have called this service‘selling home monitor’.
– importing materials – On your request, we can arrange import of suitable materials that you like – within the US – on your behalf. We can show you the latest catalogs from leading manufacturers that you could choose from.